Tuesday, 22 November 2011

RTI query reveals expenses on Kasab

                                                Repaying the faith?
In a not so shocking development, an RTI query has revealed that keeping Kasab into high security prison is after all not proving so costly to the exchequer. In a first of its kind, Indian government has been found to agree to a "public-private" partnership in maintaining the high profile prisoner, citing special reasons. A inadvertent mistake on the part of RTI officer has brought this arrangement to the fore.

Sunny, known to file frivolous FIRs, had filed an RTI application to find out the daily expenses of the Pak prisoner Kasab. Surprisingly, along with the expenses, the sources of  expenses were mentioned too. Instead of the word "taxpayesrs", he found reference to a certain chacha in most columns. Initially confused, it made instant sense once he realized it was the famed diggy, being referred to as chacha of Kasab.

According to RTI documents, the government has spent 16 crores till date on Kasab. Yet fortunately, the taxpayer has been relieved from a major share of this burden. Maharasthra government received an unusual request from a person, who identified himself as "chacha" of Kasab, to share the expenses.  The government denied it initially due to rules and jail manuals, but complied shortly due to unspecified reason. Diggyji was allowed to bear the daily expenses of Kasab by himself. Tthe government spends a token sum of Rs 1 daily. Though most money went into security, food items like Biryani and Murg masala daily from outside hotels made a big part of it.

With this breaking news, Sunny went to various news channels, but was horrified, when the news channels,including India TV, simply declined to publish this news. Finally, we decided to publish this news after taking money from Sunny.  Receiving the report, our correspondent met the diggy for details and clarifications. When queried about this act of kindness, diggy initially dismissed it as a story by RSS. But when confronted with the RTI papers, he accepted in a voice chocked with emotion.

What followed was an eye opener for our correspondent. Diggy told him that more than an act of kindness and sharing the burden of Indian government, it was an actually a small act of gratitude. He revealed that in May, he received a will from "Osamaji". In that, diggy was made the owner of the famous Abbotabad mansion, for "sincere and true services to the big cause". Diggy then couldn't stop his tears, and immediately decided to do something more concrete. After performing the shradh of "Osamaji", on 14th day itself he set out to find a noble deed for this. Fortunately, in the will itself, he found about Kasab and his troubles in not getting good food. "I took this up immediately and contacted the home minister of Maharashtra", chachaji told us. I suggested to bear all the burden of "Kasabjis" food, TV and all other expenses. "Government was reluctant due to legal repercussions, but I threatened to open my mouth against them, and they immediately agreed", revealed chacha with a proud smile.

Asking how could he bear such a large amount by his own, chachajis faced turned surprised, pointed mischievously to our correspondents 2G cellphone, and remarked that "I am in politics, but are you really in media?", Thus he drove our correspondent out of his home.

Congress party has distanced itself from this episode, citing it as a "personal act of probity and gratitude" by its mercurial leader.

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