Monday, 19 August 2013

Mediacrooks: The Nidhi Razdan of Social Media

Recently, Nidhi razdan of NDTV did an interview of a British MP, and tried to put him down because he had invited Narendra Modi to England. Nidhi was giving the excuse that as we are a democracy, we can trash the Supreme court in front of a foreign country representative. As expected, the eminent social media blogger Mediacrooks put up a sharp blog, debunking her lies and exposing the media celebrities for their manipulations.

The continuous flow of sharp observations via his blog has been an eye-opener for thousands on the social media, and has played a very important part in destroying the anti-India propaganda commonplace in the the mainstream media. It became so popular that the best 50 blogs of the site was published in a book called Social Media as Watchdog. Numerous people ordered a copy for themselves, and many went for free distributions of its copies among friends. I too ordered 10 copies, and made 2 other friends do the same.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the blogger enjoys cult like reputation and popularity. Yet, intermittently, there have been outbursts of abuse by him of his own well wishers and followers. Social media is not a one way road of airing your own views, howsoever important you be. It looses its meaning without feedback and criticism.

Not taking criticism is also equally fine. Being arrogant is also ok, as long as one doesn't step on to someone else's toe. But to degenerate to abuse women in the filthiest of language is simply not acceptable. Particularly when one intends to be a saviour of Hinduism from vested interests. I was absolutely shocked when I read this tweet

Without a prior context, the tweet seemed to be completely tasteless. The language and abuse, on a public platform, is not at all justified sir, even if you are addressing a sex worker, and who wants to offer her to your great self.

Subsequent to the tweet, the blogger tried to justify his actions by providing "proofs" in the form of snapshots of DMs. This is what makes him the Nidhi Razdan of Social Media: justifying his abuse on the pretext that the behavior of other party was not speckless. If the other party was indulging herself in DMs, she could have been abused in your DMs as well. To use such a filthy language in public is not done. And even if she offered herself to your holy feet, its complete lack of decency and civility for you to address her publicly like that.

I would like to clarify here that I don't know what actually transpired between the two parties, and who has more share of blame. I am writing with the assumption that you are "spotless" in this episode. The moot point is, does it give you a license to abuse others in the way you have? It does not, particularly when you want to be a "torchbearer" of propriety in a number of things. I would like to apologize to Ms Neena Rai for my presumption of her guilt here. I reiterate, the facts could be otherwise, and I have no interest in that detail.   

Does her being a woman make a difference? No it doesn't. You are free to call the bluff of anyone and everyone. But it has to be in the limits of civility. Breaching that barrier makes you stand in the same company of MSM celebrities, whom you are never tired of lampooning.

Recently you had put up a mail, requesting volunteers who want to help in protecting Hinduism. You had over 700 mails, and were "overwhelmed". You thank your readers when your blog reaches million marks. But the same readers are blocked and treated like trash, just because they put forth their honest opinion to you. Though that is entirely your prerogative, you have to remember that you are in a position to behave like MSM celebs just because of your readers. You may not "give them a damn", but then stop writing your hypocritical messages, "thanking your readers".

You have set out on the path to "protect" Hinduism. First learn to recognize its virtues like humility and enhanced respect for women folks. Otherwise, dharma is safe if it is away from the protection of people like you. Also, to quote your own "favorite" leader, remember that "power is poision", even if it is a virtual(online) power.

Thank you very much.

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