Saturday, 11 June 2016

Shocking new revelations about the 26/11 Mumbai terrorists attack

Certain shocking revelations about the Pakistan sponsored terrorist attack in Mumbai on 26/11/2008 attacks have come to light following an RTI by RVS Mani, former Under Secretary, Home Ministry.

  1. It was well known that Indian delegation, consisting of Union Home Secretary(Madhukar Gupta), Director and Joint Secy of Internal Security, Joint secy of Foreign division, Joint Secy CBI to name a few were in Islamabad for the 'Composite Dialogue' process. 
  2. What was completely unknown that after this dialogue ended on 26 evening, Pakistani establishment proposed to take them to a hill resort at Murree, a place 50 km away from Islamabad, to which the Indian delegation agreed.
  3. As a result, when the attacks unfolded in Mumbai, the control room at the Home Ministry was almost empty, and there was confusion about coordinating information and action. 
  4. The Indian delegation returned only next afternoon, after loosing critical hours in the beginning phase. Surprisingly, this critical piece of information, and strong circumstantial evidence on Pakistani duplicity was not let known to the public.
Even more surprisingly, instead of raising storms, Madhukar Gupta who was silent for all these years, made the following points in an interview with Times Now, where he mentions that
  • dialogues were hold in a 'very cordial' manner, hence they had no reasons to mistrust their hosts
  • what difference would it have made had they been in Islamabad or Murree
  • What is to be gained by raising this issue after 7 years

Contrast the above information with the actions of the Indian establishment(6:20 min). The Pakistani Foreign Minister and Foreign Secretary were in India the same fateful night. As soon as the information about Mumbai attacks emerged, they were provided an immediate flight to Pakistan, as the Indian establishment was concerned about their safety and security.

Now it is an incredulous task to pin point the real issue at hand: are our bureaucrats incompetent beyond belief, or they have something nasty to hide. Also, whether the Indian media is much more obnoxious than it usually seem to be. While the reporting of Barkha Dutt, and the Tamasha by news channels has been heavily criticized on this issue, what have been the investigative journalists doing? 

Even though Kasab had been caught alive, Digvijay and co. tried to blame this event as 'RSS ki Sazish'. What would have happened if all the 10 Jehadis had been shot dead, and thus there would have been no testimony of Kasab? Looking at the coverage of media, it was highly probable that 'Hindu groups' would have been blamed for this by a very large section of the media. Tukaram Ombale, the constable who paid by his life, but caught Kasab alive foiled this very likely scenario. 

Are the above suspicion just a wild goose chase? Consider other revelations related to security issues during UPA2:
  • The role of a Lashkar-e-Toiba Fidayeen Ishrat Jahan has been tried to be whitewashed by the entire UPA machinery, and tried to be portrayed as 'Fake encounter'.
  • The same issue was used to break the morale of IB, create a fissure between IB and CBI, where CBI tried to arrest top officers of IB, including Rajinder Kumar who provided intel for Ishrat Jahan.
  • Recent revelations have shown that Col Purohit was framed in false cases, just because the term 'Hindu terror' could hang in air.
  • Samjhauta blasts, in which initially the role of Lashkar was being investigated, was suddenly turned towards some 'Hindu groups'.
The criminal rot brought in by UPA 2, and the complicit role played by 'secular liberal' media has brought things to a dangerous juncture. If national security can be thrown to the winds, and doesn't invite intense scrutiny, how long can this vast nation remain together? 

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