Monday, 20 January 2014

Why you should Vote for Modi in Loksabha elections?

Without any preambles, I would go directly into the main topic: Why you must vote Modi in Loksabha elections, and why you must not vote for AAP there.

1. We need good intention+experience+stability at center: AAP has only the first one, and it cannot provide the other two critical factors at the present moment. Only BJP can provide the three factors together.

AAP has shown good intentions, and people have rewarded them with the delhi crown. But now it is the turn of AAP to justify it by establishing itself as an entity capable of governance, instead of demanding more power from the AAM Aadmi. BJP has been working for 3 decades, has a pan-Indian presence, track record of governance, and a galaxy of capable leaders, making it the suitable candidate for the national stage. But any set of people need an able leader as well, which they have found in Modi.

AAP in center will be a recipe for instability and inexperience, despite any quantum of good intentions. The challenges being faced in Delhi by them, and their immature reaction is orders of magnitude smaller when compared with what they will face even in a stable India. You simply can’t trust your Mercedes with a driver with learning license.

Don't forget: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

2. Modi has shown path-breaking good intentions coupled with delivery: It didn’t start in 2012, but started in 2001.
a) Read about his very good management post 2001 earthquake relief work. Read it here too.
b) Vibrant Gujarat summit starts in 2003, to attract investment.
c) Opposition leaders told him its impossible when he talked about 24 hours electricity. But the work started in 2005, a new grid was established, and project was successful.
d) Path breaking initiative of Solar powers over canal-tops.
e) Reviving and beautifying the Sabarmati river-front, and providing dignity to Indian cities.
f) Kejriwal talked of Janta durbar, failed, and gave up on alternate form. Gujarat has UN award winning SWAGAT initiative back from 2003, with a very high success ratio.
g) Award winning public Bus transport system

The above are just a few examples of good governance. He didn’t achieve this by sitting on a dharna, but by silently working for decades. His prominence is only a recent phenomena, after 2012.

3. His call for India first, without any division is what exactly India needs. To be honest, I would not trust AAP at all in this front, and they seem to be going the congress way in this regard. Few examples:

a) Their prompt removal of pics of Bharat Mata from the anti-corruption stage.
c) Pandering to Taukeer Raja. Slammed by Tasleema.
d) Yogendra Yadav demanding even more reservations.

These examples are important, because they came up when AAP was dealing with as small an entity as Delhi. Looking at the central stage, many more of such things would come up. Modi is very clear on these counts: No pandering to anyone.

4. India does not need free water mindset: The people who came up with free water mindset, cannot be trusted to lead into a entrepreneurial and energetic India. Congress, NAC and socialists are driven by this mindset. True that BJP too has shown this tendency, but under Modi, the singular focus will be on efficiency, rather than cheap votes.

5. National integration and foreign affairs: AAP cannot be trusted with Kashmir, and it is incapable of driving any type of foreign policy. Indian cannot stab itself by giving itself to inexperienced hands here. Small mistakes in this area costs very dearly. Atal Bihari Vajpayee had shown a strong foreign policy in many ways because of his long experience and vision. Modi will follow in those footsteps.

6. Because all parties are not equally bad, and we need a congress-Mukt Bharat: The snake-oil sold by AAP that "all parties are equal" is not true. The disgust in last few years arose because of the gigantic scams of congress, and not because of BJP. BJP could be accused of being a lethargic opponent, but that is not the same as being corrupt and traitors. The rule of Atal, Modi, Shivaraj Chauhan, Manohar Parriker, and a long list of leaders show that BJP is capable and ready to steer India in a good direction. AAP got what it deserved in Delhi, let BJP get what it deserves in Center.

7. Given 80% wightage to track record over poll manifesto: You cannot vote on a promise alone, if you are being shown two beautiful promises.

I believe that we think for India, and not for Political parties. Coming of BJP in center is in the best interest of India, and I don't care if it is in the best interest of BJP or AAP or not. Let other parties get experience first, and not rush in for power when they are untested. And given the negative agenda and vested interest of Media to keep BJP away from power, it is necessary that the campaign to bring Modi in center will have to be run by the AAM Aadmi himself. Most people are realizing it, and thats why there is so much interest in promoting the name of Modi. I hope everyone will do his bit by spreading the message, and working for a stable and well governed India.

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