Monday, 10 February 2014

Samjhauta, Aseemananda, and Ishrat Jahan

My main contention in this post: Despite sufficient evidence, and despite contradictory, inconclusive evidences, present congress government is trying to malign RSS or BJP through leaks to media purely for political gains, and is already jeopardizing national security for this. Both Aseemananda and Ishrat Jehan point to this.

First the Aseemananda case. The relevant links are:
a) US review finds five warnings of Headley’s militant links
b) Samjhauta Express Blast Vs Mumbai Terror Attacks (Former director, NIA)
c) RSS man Kamal Chauhan also was alleged: Read its last paragraph, according to villagers, his presence in a marriage was video recorded.
d) Spanish news article on Arif Quasmani. UN resolution was passed condemning LeT and this terrorist role in Samjhauta blast.
e) A comprehensive listing by S Gurumurthy on all aspects: Gurumurthy is an RSS ideologue, but he would be last few person who can be accused of taking help of falsehood to forward their case.
f) Ex wife of David Headley had implicated him in Samjhauta blast.
e) An opinion piece: Is India blind and deaf

So while there is enough smoke to do an impartial investigation, government is using it a tool to malign RSS and BJP in the election season. There have been numerous blasts, but the investigation seems to be going in only one of them.

The case of Ishrat Jahan is even more sinister. She was a fidayeen, recruited to participate in eliminating Narendra Modi. But such is the hatred of Congress against Modi that it is trying to punish the officials involved in averting this catastrophe. Lets first see who all say whether Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist.

a) Headley confessed the role of Ishrat Jahan
b) Home ministry affidavit had called Ishrat a terrorist
c) Ishrat had come only for a "chota-mota blast", and not to kill Modi, thus says a journo on Prime time TV.
d) NIA note on Ishrat
e) US embassy letter on the same
f) Inconvenient story no one wants to tell
g) Again leaked NIA documents with more links
h) IB won't survive this attack on itself
i) Analysis: Why it is important to "prove" that Ishrat was not a terrorist
j) Fake encounter statistics: Gujarat is on number 17, with only 12 fake encounters out of a total of 880. But newspapers make us believe that this happens disproportinately higher in Gujarat.
k) LeT website had listed Ishrat Jahan as a Martyr after her death. (Original link doesnt seem to be working).
l) Ishrat Jahan was an LeT fidayeen: Headley
m) Analysis: Ungrateful People, Read about the case of Punjab officer A S Sandhu, who contributed in eliminating terrorism from Punjab.

Last year, papers were full of leaks to NDTV, Tehleka with stories of "kali dadhi, safed dadhi" etc, to keep the pot boiling against Amit Shah, and Narendra Modi. There was not even so much evidence to chargesheet him, but he has been held guilty without a trial. This is the real game of central government.

Can you understand the implications of a government destroying its own anti-terror infrastructure? A government must act very maturely in such a sensitive manner, but congress party is acting against National interests.

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