Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hindus are a minority in India

The title of the blog has been inspired by a tweet from @PM0India. Not the official PMO, headed by the pussy MMS. The line is so fitting a commentary on todays society, that it feels foolish in not seeing this obvious by ourselves.
Are Hindus remaining as majority in India important first of all? Yes if we want to maintain its pluralistic heritage and culture. The day they become a minority, India will go the Pakistan/Bangladesh/any Islamic country way.

Numerically, Hindus still today have the upper-hand, but they have ceased to have any real influence or say in the corridors of power. They can't exert any meaningful influence on any policy as "Hindus", while other groups are doing it rampantly. One may argue that being in numerical majority, they don't need any such effort. It could have been true if the policies would have at best been neutral to Hindus and beneficial to other groups. Far from it, these policies are actively undermining a meaningful existence of Hindus, and recklessly supporting others.
 Any minority should be treated in a DEMOCRATIC country based on EQUALITY, and not like a minority. In India at present, the Hindus have become the minority by the diminishing influence they are having on the policy. With this, very soon they will loose the numerical supremacy as well.
Here I just wish to put forth all such examples which fly in our face, happen daily, and we are feeling 'helpless' regarding it, waiting for a 'Subramanian Swamy' to take them up. Lets see how much our life has been infiltrated.
  • In the law books :
    1. Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act : This law, and our abject ignorance about its existence, makes us an object of nothing but profound ridicule. Reproducing from the website

      The management and control of the temples and the administration of their endowments is one of the primary responsibilities of the State.Since when does temple management becomes a state responsibility? If yes, why not mosques, churches and all other centers of faith as well? Why the money coming to these temples should go to the government and not to promote the temple and its concerned faith?
      This is one of the primary reasons why Hindu philosophy is not being able to spread, despite being so exalted in its content. Government takes the money of Hindus, and spends on Haj subsidy and other minority activities. It  is advantageous to non-Hindus, at the expense of Hindus. So who is the actual majority, being able to dictate the policy?

    2. Existence of muslim personal law board : One has the right to live as he wishes in personal life. Does it includes going against the laws of the land as well? Hindus don't enjoy any such privilege. They don't have the choice of marrying 4 times in personal life. Being a non-Hindu allows you that freedom. Who is the majority for whom rules can be bent?
    3. The proposed Communal violence bill : If any attempt was lacking in converting India to darul-islam, this will make up for all of them. For the same crime, Hindus will be hanged, Non-Hindus will not even be booked for it. All in the name of minority protection. Who will protect the "Hindu-minority"?
  • Domestic and foreign policy
    1. Kashmir, Kashmiri pandits and the amarnath : “Kashmir is an integral part of India”, so have we heard numerous times. If yes, then why non-kashmiris can't settle down there? Because they would be non-Hindus. Try bringing a similar legislation in any other part of India. Government doesn't give a hoot to Kashmiri pandits. They are uncared refugees in their own country. Bangladeshi and pakistan refugees mean much for the government. Whose government it is after all?
      Amarnath yatra gets frequently curtailed without a reason. The government won't give it some unused land for the yatra purpose.  Aren't we Hindus deluding ourselves of being in majority?
    2. Apathy towards the hindus in pakistan : Recently, India voted against Srilanka citing “violation of human rights”. India stands up for tamils everywhere. What about Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh? India never stands up for them? Whose India it is after all?
    3. The Babri masjid and the Ram sethu : Government cares for Hindus, so it 'cares' for Hindu temples only. It should care about the gods as well then! Ramas place is very high in every Hindu heart. Yet his birthplace has no value to the government. When it cares to send people to Makka via flight, why no care for Hindu sentiments?
      Government has "No stand" over the Ramsethu structure. If not for the strong and upright Subramanian Swamy and the SC, the government was hell-bent to demolish it. The same government can hardly dare to touch a stone of any mosque. Well why bother about minorities right?
    4. The question of conversion and Swami Lakshmanananda : A country tries to protect its identity and culture. A fool today knows billions are being pumped to spread christianity or Islam in India. Why government doesn't do anything against? If it is “secular” in nature, why it doesn't protect people like Lakshmananda, who reconvert people to Hinduism? Whom is the government serving?
  • In the everyday life
    1. Election campaigns and manisfestos : BJP is called as the Hindu party in India. If the Hindus were a majority, won't BJP be winning comfortable every single time? Rather, in all the elections, we only hear newer plans about appeasing non-Hindu communities. The recently concluded UP elections took it to another level of proposed higher and higher Muslim quotas. People would have cared about Hindu votes if they would have been a majority, hence in an election deciding position.
    2. Anti-superstition act and haj Yatra : There have been talks of an anti-superstition act being proposed, with the aim of making the society progressive. No wonder the act would be only pertaining to the Hindu society. On the other hand, the government pays for Haj yatras. Government always serves its most influential group.
    3. Dogvijay, batla house and tears of sonia : Generally people tend to ignore the utterings of the general secretary of congress party as mentally deranged. But he wags his tail at the 'high commands' order. So his uttering, like declaring Baba Ramdev as thug, Osama as Osamaji, pandering to terrorists from batla house to 26/11, make it amply clear that hindu sentiments have no meaning to the one in power. For appeasing the majority muslims, politicians are crying even over the pictures of slain terrorists.
    4. Beef festival at osmania university : This most recent is nothing new but just another incident in long chain. Rushdie won't be allowed to come to India for 'hurting sentiments', but there would be celebration over eating beef and going against the Gandhian principles. Its purely an act of provocation to show the middle finger to the 'minority hindus', that no one actually gives them a damn.
    5. Freeing non-Hindu criminals and terrorists : This gem has come from the party of "Maulana Mulayam", as he is fondly called. And why not? Why care about minority Hindus getting ripped apart in blasts, when government has to care about its 'own family'?
  • Perspective towards education
    1. Majority of educational institutes are non-Hindu: Looks like a surprise? I bet we all have read only in Jesus and Mary convents in our childhood, almost everyone of us. Hindus themselves are to be blamed for it.Fact is, they are too broadminded to even consider such things, as long as they get good education. But the present scenario should force them to open their own schools to protect themselves. That's what minorities are supposed to do right?
    2. Sanskrit and Urdu : Which is the more pampered of the two languages? Government is trying to announce Sanskrit as extinct, though it has been proclaimed as an excellent language by scholars time and again. But why will majorities(non-hindus) truly care about the good things of the minorities?
    3. Palmistry and astrology : Astrology is superstition, or so our government wants to proclaim. So would be palmistry. Well, you must have heard about CHEIRO. Has anyone doubted his writings and knowledge? He was consulted by almost all the famous westerner people of his time, from Presidents to celebrities. And its a pity that we Hindus don't know that he learned everything in a village in Maharashtra in 2 years. But hey, acknowledging good things of minorities makes them strong. Deny them that privilege.
    4. Attitude to yoga, vedanta and Hindu knowledge : After first nuclear explosion, Robert Oppenheimer had quoted out of Geeta to describe the ensuing scene. Schrondinger, the legendary physicists learned Advaita vedanta, and was a staunch believer in it. These people found enormous beauty and truth in our scriptures and respected it. But no, we can't teach it in our schools. We can't introduce it. That would be a blasphemy, highly communal thing right?
  • The media bias:
    1. Does media stands up for the weak minorities? : Media serves the powerful, everywhere. Rarely it has any social sense of responsibility, as has been evident in its recent reportings. It only stands for the group which can promise it continued flow of money. Who can provide it? The most powerful or the majority group in command.
    2. Post-godhra riots : that brings us to the self evident example. Hundreds of riots happened in India till 2002. None of them touched the nerve of media as the post-godhra riots. Even the ghastly godhra riots doesn't mean anything to our media. I believe not much is needed to write on this subject. Media will always have the bias towards the most powerful group, or the majority group.
    3. Anna, Ramdev and Muslim fatwas : We notice how media criticizes and digs out stories to ridicule Anna and Ramdev. Has anyone ever heard any rumors regarding non-hindu religious personalities. Any media house doesn't have the courage to do so. In contrast, the routinely given ridiculous fatwas from deoband or any muslim schools hardly evoke sharp reaction. Can you imagine the reaction of media if any hindu guru gives 1/10th of a similar ridiculous fatwa?
    4. Nirmal baba case : Evangelistic TV programs by Christians are very common in which they show/fake healing or similar powers. I had had a fleeting glance on many such programs in the past on TV. But none invite any criticism, ridicule or a question, as does the program of a Hindu guru brings. Where is the concept of equal treatment? But hey, who cares about minorities anyway?
    5. Suppressing the exalted elements of hinduism : All of you must be knowing about Nityananda swami courtsey his sex tapes. How many of you know about the embracing saint Mata Amritanandmayi? Or Prahland Jani, who has not ate for 60 years? Why only the bad things are publicized, good things swept under the carpet? If the good things would be brought out, won't the minorities get a chance to become strong? Deny them that opportunity. That's the mantra of our media. 
Words fail to express the shame in which the Hindu identity is at present. If Hindus would have been a majority in India, then the actual state of affairs would have been very different from what we see today.
Its only the still intact numerical supremacy of Hindus which has prevented the things to go out of hand. The day we loose that advantage, the chest thumping liberals would have no place to hide, but only a choice to convert which they would happily do. Then the Hindus would be openly discriminated against and would be asked to comply with the standards of the new majority. It is what is happening across the surrounding borders of India, where the Hindus have been driven away from their own land. Failure to look into this obvious fact has what Indian secularism been reduced to!

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  1. The author of this post is a big non secular idiot! It's people like him who bring shame to secular India! Such mindset will not do any good to the country but will spell doom and increase communal hatred!

    Oh, and for the author, here are my views on the Osmania University beef fest on my blog.